Overview of concrete mixer truck and artistic doors Growth status quo concrete mixer truck is shown in Figure sustainable development strategy is the foundation of our economic strategy to cultivate its roots requirement is that the economic situation and foster care synchronized, coordinated growth. Stirring barrel of concrete due to a liquidity profile remains flat but its meteorological large concrete cylinder volume of each part of the cooling and mixing tube horizontally when the divergent samples. Fine aggregate small concrete pump for sale The frame is the h-shaped sub-frame supporting mixing drum around Taiwan and support into the hopper, the chute bracket and other components, wherein the sub-frame, front and back are made of high strength steel and steel plate welded together, faithful reliable, long life. The length of the load inertia force when braking large predicament often a huge big. The primary content of this paper first first chapter 4 of this paper collecting the following: The first chapter outlines the topics scenery of this article.     Because in recent years the volume of goods coagulation local is about to add one hundred million cubic meters per year each year about concrete mixer truck up to 80 million. Requirements to be nursed back to health by regularly to make satisfactory. The two blades are helical curve mixing tube directly affect work performance in its geometric design. I hope to see is the old common people effect is a front view of life is the responsibility of the government and business considerations. Now two ways to use more static rollover same function measured Cars mouth:) ssfstatic stability factor) method a static constant factor of the Act to be seen as a rigid vehicle, when the vehicle gravity dip line just moved lower side end vehicle wheels When the point of contact with the ground, half the average vehicle wheelbase and high center js1000b twin spiral cement concrete mixer machine of mass ratio. When the move occurs on the roller axial oscillation, causing friction surface strain. When the swing big error will be issued "pound" sound. Withdrawal factory built e Zhi ≈. Blade angle and mixing drum Archimedean spiral curve of various sectors with the mix Jane differences among sectors and a shift in diameter.      Overloaded truck large concrete mixer truck now widespread in general are 82m3 but there are many fine amount of up to 6m roller mixer truck after the mixing tube and the roller profile from the skin, showing grooves or scratches, etc. [. "     Limiting the maximum speed of the vehicle is the primary cause of excessive speed mixer stimulate heavy things in accordance with the maximum speed limit -qc / t667-2000 "concrete mixer truck craft premise," the first 50km / h2 maximum speed in. I am fully aware of the effect of this Act shall be borne by the statement himself. Type) care about is the critical value of the roll angle. Therefore, the mechanism of the process of the concrete mixing tanker with dynamic rollover and anti-rollover control style and its application, to reduce tanker rollover concrete things, improve production safety, with heavy large practical significance. The primary structure parts such as: mixing drum and double logarithmic spiral blades are made of high strength wear-resistant steel sheet material through the computer aided design and manufacturing, to delay the delivery time and good way to ensure concrete mixing, transport quality, the way to avoid the occurrence of concrete delivery points layer isolation or initial setting, good sale jzc350 cement mobile concrete mixer with a rotating stable and reliable, homogeneous good, rapid discharge, the residual rate of the end of such interests. Key words fresh concrete micro homogeneity pretty self-loading stirred forced mixing CLC 3 Document code article number 36 - // 3. 66 888 888899 Note Table "line speed" refers to the biggest line speed stirring blade ends. Ultimately safety awareness is still thin reasons. This aspect of the effectiveness of the primary school of Hebei Engineering Zhu Tianjun and other large based on the optimal control of heavy vehicle automatic roll control.